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XYI Design

X+Y=Interior -- an infinite imaginary space interwoven with XY axes!

A low-key and pragmatic philosophy of XYI,with no grandiose, abandoned superfluous decoration. XYI focuses on the design thinking of functional aesthetics and completely customized private house planning. Our services integrate life experience, renovation of layout, furniture and soft decoration and other aspects, piled up exquisite life quality rhyme in every detail. Led by Carrie Meng, the design director, has more than 10 years of experience in residential and commercial space design, with works in Taipei, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao and other cities.

Design Director

Carrie Meng, the founder and design director of XYI, advocates "Less, but better, lighter, but warmer". She is good at creating more functions and surprises for the space in a hidden design way. With a dual background of art and architecture, she does not regard design as a personal stage of creation. Instead, she takes "people" as the essence of design and tailors an ideal life for each owner. Nurtured by the culture of Taipei and Shanghai over the years, Carrie's diverse vision and bold creativity have led to her work winning international design awards.

IXI Design

IXI is a brand founded in Shanghai, focusing on brand and commercial design strategies, thinking about the deep interaction between people and space with endless creative energy. Our work is a collection of residences, retail and shopping malls, hotels, cultural tourism, complex creative space, etc. The core of the brand is founder Mac Huang, leading the creative team in Taipei and Shanghai to deeply study the human life and business style of various places, and expand the market layout for customers.

Creative Director

Mac Huang, the founder and creative director of IXI Design, with the design concept of "Less, but better, lighter, but more warm", seeks relationships outside the design and explores the inner aesthetics, which comes from his life experience of living in Taipei and Shanghai for many years, and combines the double identity of "brand consultant" and "creative director". He is good at inspecting each business link from the strategic aspect of the brand, integrating the investment target, brand image, space planning, soft clothing and project management, etc., combined with the consumer-oriented marketing thinking, to help the Asia-Pacific region enterprise brand layout in the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, positioning more accurate business type.


A. Spatial Planning and Design

- Individual Building
- Residence
- Villa
- Retail
- Office
- Hotel
- Estate (Clubhouse, Reception Center, Prototype Room, etc.)
- Complex Commercial Project 
- Landscape 

B. Decoration Design

- Furniture and Lighting
- Textiles and Curtains
- Planting
- Artworks

B. Business Strategy & Design Strategy

- With the new business model as the concept, change the operation thinking and service model
- Design strategies are formulated in combination with architectural, interior and product aesthetics
- Strategy: Value proposition, target consumer group, core competencies

D. Brand Vision Strategy

- Brand Strategy
- Brand Strategy and Implementation
- VIS/ BIS Identity Design
- Visual Identity Design
- Marketing and Advertising

Service Process

01. Design Consultation

- Demand Communication
- Description of Charging Method and Workflow
- One-to-one consultation with designers

02. Measurement on Site

- Understanding of House Condition and Living Habits
- Storage and Space Configuration Requirements

03. Preliminary Proposal - Floor Plan

- Floor Plan Drawing
- Design Proposal
- Initial offer

04. Contract Signing

Contract Signing

05. Further Proposal - 3D Stereogram

- Design Details and Materials Discussion
- Renderings
- Construction Drawing

06. Project Contract Signing

- Project Contract Signing

07. Construction

- On-site Supervision
- Project quality control
- Materials Purchase Accompany
- Furniture Selection and Presence

08. Completion - Acceptance

- Completion - Acceptance

09. After-sales Service

- After-sales Warranty
- Advisory Services